The Bridge School

Plenary 8

I have a Story about that: Social Stories that enhance Self-Determination and Language for Children with CCN and CVI

Rebecca Matthews

Imagine a story that could describe what would happen at The Doctors Office, The Dentist, a family trip or an upcoming event like a holiday. What if you could build a structure for the hard, unpredictable events that children encounter, a structure that is clear to a child. A Story that will support receptive and expressive language by providing meaningful vocabulary like feelings and phrases that describe a sequence or that are reassuring.

In the Presentation “I have a Story about that” you will learn about Social Stories that enhance Self Determination and Language for children with Complex Communication Needs (CCN) and Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). The presenter will take you through the structure of Social Stories developed by Carol Gray and how this framework can be motivating and personalized for children with and CVI. This intervention considers visual supports, intervention strategies and materials as they relate to personalized Social Stories. In the Presentation you will learn from the presenter, the families and the children who have learned to express themselves with the help of Social Stories.