BCTAC Happenings

The BCTAC calendar of events typically aligns with The Bridge School’s academic calendar. Activities begin at the end of August/beginning of September. This has been coined the “opening of the BCTAC season.” BCTAC closes the year in April or May with a special activity or culminating get-together where members, families and friends gather to celebrate the accomplishments the group achieved over the course of the year.

The calendar of activities and events is planned 6 months in advance. Activities are determined by the Leadership Committee and in conjunction with the BCTAC Coordinator.


We love to spend time with our friends! Members feel it is important to come together not just for an activity, but also to celebrate and recognize achievements, individuals, other groups who we partner with, etc.


BCTAC begins each season with a celebratory kickoff event. Regardless of the venue, which might be a friend’s home or a local community spot, like AT&T Park, the goal is always the same – to reconnect with one another after a long summer. Connecting includes both Bay Area members and the folks who live outside of the Bay Area. Members organize all activity details, including entertainment, food and other party elements. Not only does the kickoff allow the group to reconnect and have fun with one another, but it also provides an opportunity for everyone to welcome and engage with new members, discuss the calendar of events for the year and upcoming activity details as well as chat about news from the summer.

Holiday Hang

BCTAC members feel that it is important to celebrate the holidays and the New Year. Holiday event celebrations may include:

Community service – an important goal for the group is to connect with people and give back to the communities in which we live.

An appreciation luncheon for friends and family – BCTAC has a core group of individuals who provide phenomenal support to us each and every year. Giving thanks is just as important as the support we receive.

Adaptive sport activities – Group members are adventurers! Often on the list – ice skating at Winter Lodge in Palo Alto and skiing at Achieve Tahoe in Alpine Meadows.

Celebrations at a family home or local restaurant.


Fundraising is not the goal of BCTAC. However, BCTAC members appreciate the ability to contribute in a meaningful way to the activities and events they plan each year. Fundraising events provide members the opportunity to build greater community connections, meet new people, enhance and/or develop skills in event planning, budgeting and networking. In addition, fundraising pushes the boundaries of the group to develop innovative ways to accomplish their mission and goals.

Bowl-A-Thon SmAACkdown

Adaptive bowling at SeaBowl in Pacifica, California, is a favorite fundraiser. Members throw down on the lanes, cheer on (or heckle) friends and close the event with an exceptional presentation highlighting the achievements over the course of the year.
The Bowl-A-Thon is an open invitation to anyone looking to meet a new friend, engage with the crew, win an awesome raffle prize, support the bowling teams, donate to BCTAC’s endeavors or join the BCTAC group in community service outreach. If friends and family are unable to join BCTAC in person, support from afar is more than welcome – this could be in the form of providing a pledge to a bowler, sponsoring or donating the cost of a lane, donating raffle prizes or sending encouragement via an email.

Rock Art

Rock Art is art created by members who gain their inspiration from photographs from The Bridge School Annual Benefit Concert

Rock Art is an exciting activity for this group as many members in the group are artists with their own unique artistic style. Members use various techniques, communication strategies and adaptive tools to create their piece. In addition, the Crew enjoys this time to unleash their creativity with friends.

To record this art event, each member is photographed with their completed piece. Each piece is then individually photographed and a poster is created with the compilation of art pieces. At the benefit concert, these original, one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed and BCTAC members sell them. This entire experience provides members an opportunity to be creative, to engage with different artists, connect with the community and raise awareness of people who use communication support technologies. Concert-goers have shared that they own more than one Rock Art piece. We love those stories!


Because members are committed to developing and building connections with the local community, outreach is important to the group. Outreach opportunities include:

Community Service

Over the holidays the group volunteers their time in the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores through a special partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Having the opportunity to work with the store employees, greet customers and hand out warm care kits to those in need enhances and solidifies our community connections.

Be sure to look for our volunteer dates on our Facebook page.

Concert Mobile Roaming

As an outreach program of The Bridge School, it is important that the group represents the school. The benefit concert provides a venue for this fun, social and engaging activity! Before the start of the show, members are out in the crowds interviewing and talking with concert-goers. This gives the group the opportunity to not only have fun, but to get to know the people who support The Bridge School. We love hearing people share their special memories with us and we love to share our stories with them.

Check out what’s coming up on the Bridge School Academic calendar. For questions and inquiries on upcoming events, contact¬†bctac@bridgeschool.org.