AAC by the Bay – Webcast

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsor, Cisco, the 2023 AAC by the Bay Conference will be held onsite at Cisco and webcast live. We have an exciting line-up of speakers covering literacy, CVI, Social Stories,  Emotional Competence, receptive language assessment, and a summary of the research being conducted at The Bridge School.  Speakers include Dr. Janice Light, Dr. Johanna Geytenbeek, Dr. Gabriela Rangel-Rodriquez, Christine Wright-Ott, Elisa Kingsbury, Amanda Eiser Hess, Tara McCarty, Lynn Elko, Rebecca Matthews and Dr. Sarah Blackstone.   More about our conference speakers…

image of AAC by the Bay logo. Words on the logo say AAC by the Bay. Bridging Research, Best Practice and Families

Building a professional network is an important component to any conference or event designed to enhance professional development.  One of the requirements for hosting the AAC By the Bay Conference is that webcast hosting sites have at least 5 attendees, including the webcast host.  This will help build inter-professional teams, foster collaboration with colleagues, and provide an opportunity to build a local support network.  Webcast sites can view the stream live or archived.

If you are within a 50 mile radius of Cisco in San Jose, you are not eligible for offsite webcast hosting. Please join us onsite for the conference.