Meet the Crew

BCTAC members are invested in sharing their message that, regardless of physical abilities, AAC users:

  • Are intelligent individuals first and foremost
  • Are leaders and mentors in the community
  • Are teachers and educators
  • Are a knowledge base for others to tap into as well as knowledge seekers themselves
  • Are creative and informative writers
  • Are community volunteers
  • Have a variety of talents (e.g., small business owners, artists, docents, etc.)
  • Have multiple modes and strategies to communicate
  • Are social networkers

Find out more about the current members of BCTAC through their personal bios.

For many, being a part of a group like this also provides the opportunity to be with friends and peers. It is a place for support and sharing of ideas, exploring and finding resources and meeting new friends.

“I need to know there are other people like me in this world. I can belong to this group and don’t feel alone.” 

“I want other people to know I am a normal guy.” 

“I want to have fun and meet new friends.”