The Bridge School

Requirements & FAQs for Webcast Host Sites

How much does it cost? 

Webcast hosting sites must have a minimum of 5 participants, $25 per person.  You must pay a minimum amount of $125 to register and secure your site.  This amount is non-refundable and costs the same regardless of the number of days you participate. If you have additional expenses related to hosting the conference, you are welcome to charge the participants a separate fee to cover your costs. 

What are the technical requirements for the webcast? 

Computer #1 – Webcast – for the video 

    • connects to the projection system 
    • connects to external audio/speakers  
    • latest version of Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox 
  • internet connection (broadband) – An Ethernet connection is strongly recommended to ensure the greatest bandwidth for the video broadcast 

Computer #2 – WebEx – for live interaction and Q&A 

    • This computer is only needed if you are going to participate in the live webcast.  This cannot be the same computer you’re using for the webcast video.  This computer runs the Cisco WebEx Web App, to allow all off-site participants to communicate/live Q&A with the conference site. 
    • You will need to designate someone to monitor the communication and to type in the questions from your participants.  
    • latest version of Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox 
  • internet connection (broadband) 

What if we are in a different time zone? 

You can attend live as well as watch the daily archived videos. Your webcast login will be active based on the dates that you indicate when initially registering your hosting site. If you do not watch the live version of the webcast, then you will not be able to participate in the live online discussions and question/answer. You can email us any questions you have afterwards; we can ask the presenters to respond either the next day or via email. 

Do we have to participate in the entire conference? 

You may attend the entire conference or select presentations.  The cost remains the same.  We strongly encourage hosting sites to build their own conference using The Bridge School presentations as a major component, but offering presentations, exhibits, poster sessions, or other options for participants. In essence, you will be hosting a conference or professional meeting in all aspects, except that at least some of the content will be provided by The Bridge School. 

Do I have to register my site attendees? 

No.  All webcast attendees will register with The Bridge School.  You will receive the URL to forward to your attendees once you have registered.

Do you offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or ASHA Maintenance Hours? 

Everyone attending the conference onsite and offsite will receive a Certificate of Attendance from The Bridge School, provided there is proof of attendance.   

It is the responsibility of the webcast host to provide the attendance record of all webcast attendees who are eligible to receive the Certificate of Attendance. 

The Bridge School is licensed to offer California CEUs. 

This conference may be used to meet ASHA Certification Maintenance. Please view ASHA’s website for complete details on Maintaining Your Certification and the ASHA FAQs.  The Bridge School does not report these hours to ASHA. 

If you are licensed to give Continuing Education Units in your state, you will need to generate the documents required for your participants to receive credit for attendance, as the California CEUs may not be recognized. 

Why does the webcast host have to provide attendance records/sign-in & sign-out sheets? 

If you would like to receive a Certificate of Attendance and CEUs, then you must sign-in and out of each day of the conference.  

Who is responsible for ensuring that the conference is accessible? 

The language used during the conference is spoken English. If your audience needs a translator/interpreter, it will be your responsibility to provide one. In the past, when a translator or interpreter was needed, the host charged the participants extra to cover those costs. 

Will we get the presenter handouts in advance? 

All paid hosting sites and attendees will receive access to the handouts online about a week before the conference.