The Bridge School Organization

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with establishing a vision and a mission for the organization. They have the responsibility of setting guidelines for achieving the purposes stated in The Bridge School bylaws.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall direction of the organization. Acting as a liaison between the staff and the Board of Directors, the Executive Director ensures that the vision and the mission articulated by the Board is executed through the programs and practices of the staff.


Directors work collaboratively with the Executive Director to ensure that their programs’ outcomes reflect the mission and the vision articulated by the Board of Directors. In addition to providing direct supervision for staff assigned to their area; governing the allocation of funds within their programs; providing professional development opportunities for the staff and evaluating the effectiveness of the program activities; the Directors take an active role in disseminating effective practices, networking with families and professionals, recruiting staff and prospective students, and taking a leadership role within the organization.

Professional Staff

Professional staff at The Bridge School consists primarily of special educators, speech and language pathologists, assistive technologists, instructional design and digital media specialists. All are dedicated to the implementation of communication and instructional strategies to ensure that our students achieve maximum participation in their community through effective communication and appropriate education. These successful strategies are disseminated through professional journals, presentations, workshops and trainings, and the Web.

Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistants at The Bridge School have major responsibilities in implementing the educational program for our students. They share classroom responsibilities with the teaching staff and support students in an integrated school curriculum.


The Bridge School is fortunate to have internationally known specialists as consultants to our staff and therapists to our students. Consultants are engaged to work directly with our students within the classroom environment and consult with our staff and families on procedures and practices that will enhance the students’ achievement of their education and communication goals and objectives. Consultants include occupational therapists, vision specialists, orientation and mobility experts, rehabilitation engineers, linguists and other professionals in the field.