The Bridge School strives to employ the best qualified staff in order to maintain the excellence in educational leadership and innovation for which we are known. The recruitment, training, and retention of staff is a high priority for the organization, and strategies are developed to nurture and sustain a positive working environment through communication, team work and professional development and recognition.

Whether you are still in school, just starting your career, or an experienced professional, we are interested in hearing from you. In addition to our regular workforce, Bridge School provides opportunities for students to complete internship or student teaching experience. We also have a track-record of supporting new teachers and speech-language pathologists (working in their Clinical Fellowship Year) through that critical “first year” in the classroom.

We remain committed to the ongoing growth and development of our experienced staff. Frequent on-site workshops, reimbursement for conference attendance, tuition reimbursement, and membership in professional organizations are a few of the ways that we support our professionals in their individual career development. More critically, staff are encouraged to develop a variety of skills which support Bridge School in expanding our mission. These include curriculum and instructional activity development, the training and mentoring of others, professional speaking, writing of educational materials and resources, and development of project planning and educational leadership and management skills.

Our staff work in interdisciplinary teams which cross all levels of the organization. From developing a long-range strategic plan for the organization, prioritizing outreach activities for the upcoming year, discussing current philosophies and approaches for evaluating children, and planning the upcoming month’s curriculum, we work together and find solutions which are enhanced by a variety of opinions, experiences and approaches.

The Bridge School offers a competitive salary and benefit plan. We are an equal opportunity employer (EOE).

The Bridge School – Recruitment and Retention of Education Specialists

Employment Opportunity

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of students with disabilities? We’re currently seeking passionate Instructional Assistants and a Special Education Teacher to join us in fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. 

Instructional Assistants

The Bridge School is looking for dynamic, positive and energetic individuals to serve as Instructional Assistants (paraprofessional) in our school program and become a part of our interdisciplinary teams. We serve children between the ages of 3 – 12 with extensive physical and speech impairments. Duties include assisting in instructional activities, providing physical care, and preparing materials for class. Lifting and toileting of students is required. 


Minimum: High school diploma/equivalent and one of the following: (a) completed 2 years of study at an institution of higher education; or (b) an associate’s (or higher) degree; or (c) is willing to complete a local assessment to demonstrate knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing and mathematics. 


  • 2 years experience in child care, camp or educational setting. 
  • Ability to work in a classroom/school environment to assist in meeting the health, hygiene, and physical needs of the students (lifting and physically managing students with disabilities weighing at least 30 lbs.) and to assist in addressing the social and learning needs of children with extensive speech and physical impairments. 
  • Ability to lift and physically manage students. 
  • Ability to learn quickly when provided with demonstration and written materials. 
  • Ability to take initiative and be independent with familiar activities following initial training. 
  • Ability to be systematic in following instructional programs and maintaining records. 
  • Ability to be flexible in accepting help or assistance when needed. 
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn the basic operations, set up and implementation of computer/assistive technologies. 
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team in helping students meet education and communication goals. 
  • Fluency in Spanish is an advantage. 

We have several positions open for full time during the regular school year beginning immediately for Fall 2024. 

If interested, please submit a cover letter and a resume for consideration to mfallen@bridgeschool.org

Special Education Teacher 

The special education teacher works as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide an educational program to children with severe speech and physical impairments. This individual is responsible for: assessing and evaluating students and programs; implementing curriculum; managing and supporting students in general education setting; planning components of the educational program and providing individual student case management; supervising instructional assistants, interns and volunteers; and participating in the ongoing development of Bridge School programs. The special education teacher reports to the Director of Education. 

Essential Functions 

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Evaluates student’s current level of functioning as it relates to learning foundations and areas of academics, using appropriately modified assessment tools, and leading to the development of comprehensive interdisciplinary educational plans 
  • Develops and shares, in advance, weekly lesson plans predicated on goals and objectives detailed in the students’ IEP and associated with the educational curriculum 
  • Regularly evaluates and reports on student progress, identifying strengths and needs to assist the team in making program modifications; reports of progress are based on appropriate IEP progress documentation and data collection 
  • Works collaboratively with interdisciplinary team to design an appropriate learning environment focusing on students’ active participation in all curricula activities, integrating core content areas and incorporating appropriate assistive technologies and adapted, multisensory materials; accommodates for individual and group learning needs 
  • Works collaboratively with interdisciplinary team to develop and implement appropriate instructional activities, based on established curriculum, which meet the individual learning needs of students and maximize communication and participation opportunities 
  • Manages the inclusion of students in the general education environment: establish and maintain relations with general education staff; establish a schedule and arrange staffing for assigned students; develop general goals and an overall participation plan  
  • Oversees the support of students in the general education setting: oversees inclusion documentation and completion of out-of-class assignments; meets with and shares materials and strategies on a regular basis with general education staff to ensure that students are prepared to participate in class; makes appropriate adaptations/modifications to assignments or materials used in the inclusion class; sets up equipment and technical solutions to enable students to be active participants in general education classrooms; develops appropriate tools to evaluate student’s progress and development in the general education environment 
  • Manages individual student educational programs (as assigned), including: overseeing the child’s schedule to ensure his/her needs are met; overseeing communication from home to school and school to home; coordinating the agenda for student team meetings; conferring with outside team members as necessary; assisting the transition coordinator in planning for and implementing a successful transition 
  • Collects, analyzes, and shares information with team on all student forms and documents 
  • Supervises Instructional Assistants, interns, and volunteers, including: scheduling activities; training; mentoring and supervising; and conducting performance evaluation 
  • Assists, as needed, in providing personal care for students 
  • Participates in overall educational program and team planning and development activities, including activities to address Bridge School’s long-range strategic goals and initiatives 
  • Participates in the ongoing information dissemination of Bridge School materials, resources and strategies through a variety of outreach activities 
  • Participates in AAC development by providing opportunities for students to develop skills within the educational curriculum and provides observations during clinical trials of various devices and throughout the development of communication systems 
  • Coordinates and utilizes AT/AAC to support student participation and access to educational program 
  • Collects, analyzes, and reports observational data for research and dissemination purposes 
  • Participates, as needed, in activities and programmatic development in the Outreach, Research and Bridge to Life division of The Bridge School 

Minimum Qualifications 

Sufficient education, training and/or work experience to demonstrate possession of the following knowledge, skills and abilities, typically acquired through: 

  • Possession of Bachelor’s degree in education, with an emphasis in the education of children with disabilities 

Special Requirements 

  • Applicable California Teaching Credentials 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities 

  • Knowledge of special education principles and strategies as applied to children with extensive speech and physical impairments 
  • Knowledge of augmentative/alternative communication principles and strategies, and technology applications currently available in the field; 
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive reports, speak and write effectively and work under a minimum of direction 
  • Ability to coordinate and direct a variety of complex tasks and assignments 
  • Ability to elicit the cooperation of others and function as an effective team member 
  • Ability to effectively support, train, and instruct other adult team members 
  • Ability to achieve the professional confidence of others and to assimilate and relay information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions 
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions in a manner consistent with the essential job functions 
  • Ability to operate assigned equipment, including computers and assistive technologies 
  • Ability to maintain physical condition and stamina appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities 

Working Conditions 

Work in a classroom/school environment, overseeing the physical, social and learning needs of children with extensive speech and physical impairments. 

This job description does not promise or imply that the functions listed are the only duties to be performed or that the position may not change or be eliminated. Employees are always expected to follow their supervisor’s instructions and to perform the tasks requested by their supervisors. 

If interested, please submit a cover letter and a resume for consideration to mfallen@bridgeschool.org