Pro Bono Volunteering

Pro Bono Volunteering

 Are you in a position to volunteer professional services? We welcome pro bono volunteers in the fields of social media marketing, branding, fundraising, grant writing, non-profit development, corporate social responsibility and disability advocacy.

 A pro bono or highly skilled volunteer is an individual who donates his or her professional level services as an “unpaid consultant” to the nonprofit organization. A pro bono volunteer is different from other volunteers in that they may offer specific expertise to The Bridge School on a project basis that includes clear guidelines, deadlines, and deliverables. Pro bono and skilled volunteers may range along a continuum of technical expertise and experience in terms of skills, levels of commitment, and the types of projects they are interested in doing, bringing experience, expertise, and perspective to the organization. They are valuable assets for creating an infrastructure and for affecting change.

 In addition to helping The Bridge School with pro bono services, you will be able to deduct certain expenses on your IRS tax returns. Please review current tax policy to assert how you may qualify for expense deductions.

 If you are interested in providing pro bono services, please contact us and indicate your interest.