Application Review Process

Initial Screening

All applications are initially screened and reviewed by our Director of Education. Applications are reviewed as we receive them and may be re-reviewed periodically throughout the school year.

Initial screening of new application materials consists of careful review of all information provided. Once we screen your application materials, we may request additional information before making a determination regarding eligibility.

Upon initial screening review, prospective applicants must meet ALL of the Essential Eligibility Criteria for further consideration of the application.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make specific recommendations for educational placements and related services for students who do not attend the Bridge School. Our application review process is intended solely for the purpose of recommending students for enrollment at The Bridge School.

Next Steps

Following initial screening, we determine whether:

  • Further information is needed before proceeding with the application review process.
  • The student does not meet our Essential Criteria for Enrollment and is not an appropriate Bridge School candidate.
  • The student meets our Essential Eligibility requirements and the application is referred to the Intake Team for full review.

Once the screening process is complete and we determine that a child meets our Essential Eligibility Criteria, the application is forwarded to our Intake Team for further review. This team includes members of the Bridge School’s classroom teaching staff and consultants. As part of that process:

  • Bridge School staff may make arrangements to visit the current educational placement (when possible) to observe the student.
  • Our staff may complete a parent/teacher (child’s current teacher) interview to determine and verify the applicant’s current skills and educational needs.
  • As decisions are made, The Bridge School will notify the student’s family and/or home school district regarding eligibility/ineligibility for enrollment.
  • Once notified, families are responsible to complete the process of determining tuition funding from their home school district in order to be officially accepted into the program.
  • After tuition funding is established (i.e., Bridge School receives notification from a contracting public school district or receives confirmation of scholarship acceptance), families complete the application process by submitting school enrollment forms.

If you have further questions about the application review process, please email