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Modeling for Communication Partners

Johnny (general ed peer) comes up to Olivia (student using AAC) and Mr. Stevens (teacher) on the playground and talks to Mr. Stevens instead of Olivia.

Johnny: “Hi Mr. Stevens, does Olivia want to play kickball or basketball with us?”

Mr. Stevens: "Oh Hey Olivia," (Mr. Stevens leans down to Olivia’s level and looks directly at her.) "Johnny wants to know if you want to play kickball or basketball." (Mr. Stevens glances back up at Johnny.) "Johnny, it may take Olivia a second to answer." (Mr. Stevens looks back at Olivia to wait for her response.)

Olivia: nods her head ‘yes’

Mr. Stevens: "Olivia, I saw you nod your head ‘yes’. You want to play. I am going to show you a hand for each choice and then I want you to look at the one you want. Do you want to play kickball (puts out right hand)…or basketball (puts out left hand)?"

Olivia: looks at the “basketball” hand and back to Mr. Stevens

Johnny: "I saw you look at basketball! Cool! Should I go first or do you want to go first?" (He asks again, this time using his hands.)

Olivia: looks at the “you first” hand then looks at Johnny and smiles