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Needs Assessment

Have you ever heard from one of the Transition Team members and thought, I would love to have the extra help, but I dont even know what to ask for? We realize that our services are unique in that they are available to all teams of Bridge School graduates while not being direct services on the IEP. For some teams, this can lead to uncertainty about how to utilize us. For staff new to AAC, the learning curve for technology and strategies can be daunting. When confronted with new situations in which one has little experience or information, it can be difficult to know what to ask for. We understand these situations and would, therefore, be more than willing to come to do a needs assessment. This needs assessment is NOT AN EVALUATION of your program or your skills. Rather, it is a collaborative effort that would help us better understand how we can assist you while helping you better understand what we have to offer. To do this we would:

  • talk with you by phone to schedule an initial visit, and determine the focus for the first observation
  • observe student/staff during regular school routines and discuss initial observations and notes
  • gather resources and create a customized service package to offer to your team
  • meet with you to discuss our ideas, get your feedback on our proposal, make adjustments, and create an action plan for providing support to your team

Our job is to make your job easier in any way that we can. We realize that different teams have different needs and different ways of collaborating. That is why we are excited to offer this personalized service.