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Example Goals in an ITP

Student: XXXXXXXX                                                                                            IEP Date: XXXXXX

Studentís Post-secondary Goal(s): Upon existing school, the student plans to:
*** This is a composite of sample goals

Measurable Post-secondary Goals


  • By (DATE), when given all assignments and test dates, (STUDENT) will independently maintain a calendar, prioritize tasks and seek help as needed to turn in completed assignment by the designated date assigned 90% of the time as measured by teacher records.
  • By the projected completion date, (STUDENT) will complete a class at a community college in an interest area.


  • By (DATE), (STUDENT) will continue to participate in job club and outside work sites.
  • By (DATE), (STUDENT & FAMILY) will visit adult vocational programs available in the community – expanding knowledge to assist in future placements.
  • By (DATE), when placed on a jobsite, (STUDENT) will demonstrate punctuality, attendance, appropriate appearance, attitude, relations with others, initiative, work habits, and quality of work by achieving at least a satisfactory rating on the student rating form 90% of the time as measured by employer evaluation.

Independent Living

  • By (DATE), (STUDENT) will work out a budget of monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, laundry, food, clothing, etc. and will remain within the budget for each budgeting area with 95% accuracy each week as measured by teacher or staff review of his proposed budget and actual spending practices.
  • By (DATE), when purchasing items, (STUDENT) will give the clerk the necessary amount of money for the purchase with 100% accuracy in three of three consecutive trials as measured by teacher/staff observation and documentation.

Community Experiences

  • By (DATE), (STUDENT) will demonstrate confidence in public interactions by walking into a store and obtaining help from a store employee to make a purchase. This will happen without teacher assistance on two different days.

Development of Employment

  • By (DATE), (STUDENT) will complete an application form using a "cheat sheet" containing all of his personal information, without teacher support, with 80% accuracy in four of five trials as measured by observation or teacher-made test.

Other Post-School Adult Living Objectives

  • By the projected completion date, (STUDENT) will secure In-Home Support Services for needed assistance.
  • (STUDENT) will access relevant services from the Regional Center and maintain contact with case worker.

Acquisition of Daily Living Skills

  • By (DATE), (STUDENT) will demonstrate improvements in his or her food preparation skills by completing all related assigned tasks, with no prompts, with 80% accuracy in 4 of 5 trials as measured by teacher observation and charting.

Functional Vocational Evaluation


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