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Recommended Content of Video

The following section has suggestions to help you determine the content of your video recording as well as other guidelines for video.

Recommended Content of Application Video

  • Please provide video footage that is recent (within past month or two) and represents current communication abilities AND new or emerging communication abilities.
  • Focus on activities that are familiar to your child.
  • The video should include the child engaged in interactions with a variety of his/her most skilled & favorite communication partners.
  • Some of the video should include footage of your child engaged in activities that demonstrate the use of assistive technologies such as switches, walkers, etc.
  • Include examples of activities that you think are important for us to consider when evaluating your child for enrollment at The Bridge School.
  • As much as possible, when capturing the video try to include both your child and the communication partner(s).
  • If appropriate, include examples of your child engaging in instructionally related activities.
  • Additional suggestions: include clips of your child interacting with various family members during daily routines; you and your child engaged in games that are fun for both of you, songs and favorite activities, examples of activities that bring out a range of your child’s natural communication abilities (vocalizations, gestures, body movements), favorite people playing with your child and having fun, activities with your child’s favorite toys, books, and other objects.

Videotaping Tips: Your video recording does not need to be professionally shot, but we have included some tips for capturing the useful video information that will be considered with your child’s application to Bridge School.