The Bridge School

2011-2012 – Kyung-Im Han, Changwon, South Korea

tir_kih2Kyung-Im has a Ph.D degree in Special Education and is a professor in the Department of Special Education at Changwon National University in South Korea. She has taught about education for children with physical and multiple disabilities, individualized education program, and special education instruction.Based on her experience during the Teacher-in-Residence program at The Bridge School, Kyung-Im has plans to implement augmentative and alternative communication instruction in the special education curriculum and to start an AAC clinic for children in her university. The clinic will become a center for providing information about AAC intervention and support to teachers and parents with children with special needs in the southern region of Korea. She has plans to develop teacher training programs and workshops for AAC intervention in the classroom. In conjunction with other leaders in the field of special education, she is working to organize an international conference for AAC intervention in her university scheduled for June 2012. The Bridge School will participate in the conference.