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2017 AAC by the Bay Conference Webcast Hosting Sites

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Webcast Hosting Sites

The 2017 AAC by the Bay Conference will be onsite and webcast live. Thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsor, Cisco, in addition to our on-site participants, we can offer this unique experience to professionals and families throughout the world. You must have at least five participants at a hosting site. This is the minimum number of participants at any location as one major objective of the AAC By the Bay is to encourage the development of professional and personal networks. No isolated individual will be given access to the webcast.

To serve as an Webcast Hosting Site, please complete the Hosting Site Inquiry Form online and we will be in touch with you to organize your participation.

Registered Hosting Sites - How to Participate

Once you have registered online as a hosting site, you will need to determine how you would like to participate in the live webcast.

Option 1: Live webcast

You will need a room/location that has a:

  • Computer projection system
  • Access to the Internet (broadband)
  • A computer with audio to connect to the conference
  • Another computer to enable you and your participants to communicate with the speakers
  • At least five participants.

Option 2: Telepresence

  • Telepresence (live, real-time, life-size, high definition video conferencing) requires specialized equipment found in many universities and local Cisco offices.
  • At least five participants.

Registered Hosting Sites - Additional Requirements

The following information will provide general guidelines and details of what you will need to participate to the live webcast.

  1. You may attend the entire conference or select presentations. We strongly encourage hosting sites to build their own conference using Bridge School presentations as a major component, but offering presentations, exhibits, poster sessions, or other options for participants.
  2. You will need to promote the conference in order to get people interested in attending. Invite everyone you think might be interested - families, teachers, therapists, individuals who use AAC, faculty, students, OTs, PTs, school districts, special schools and programs - EVERYONE. The messages from the conference are geared to have appeal and be relevant to a wide audience.
  3. You will need to have a registration process in place so that you can obtain, at a minimum, the names and e-mail addresses of your participants. The Bridge School is charging $25 per participant for administrative fees. You will be responsible for collecting the fee, submitting the names and e-mail address of each participant and forwarding a check made out to The Bridge School to cover the $25 fee for each participant. (Minimum amount for each site is $125 for the 5 participants.) This is a one-time fee regardless of the number of days you participate. If you have expenses related to hosting the conference, you are welcome to charge the participants a fee to cover your costs.
  4. You will be scheduled for a trial run prior to the conference to ensure successful delivery of the conference presentations.

In essence, you will be hosting a conference or professional meeting in all aspects, except that at least some of the content will be provided by The Bridge School.