The Bridge School

Webcast Fees & Registration

Webcast Hosting Site Fees

Webcast hosting sites must have a minimum of 5 participants, $25 per person.  You must pay a minimum amount of $125 to register and secure your site.  This amount is non-refundable and costs the same regardless of the number of days you participate. If you have additional expenses related to hosting the conference, you are welcome to charge the participants a separate fee to cover your costs. 

One major objective of the AAC By the Bay is to encourage the development of professional and personal networks.  No isolated individual will be given access to the webcast.  We strongly encourage hosting sites to build their own conference using The Bridge School presentations as a major component, but offering presentations, exhibits, poster sessions, or other options for participants. In essence, you will be hosting a conference or professional meeting in all aspects, except that at least some of the content will be provided by The Bridge School. 

Webcast Hosting Site Registration

If you are interested in becoming a Webcast Hosting Site, please read through the Requirements and FAQs for Webcast Host Sites.

Webcast Attendees Fees & Registration

Each additional webcast attendee is $25/person and each individual will be required to register through The Bridge School.  Webcast attendees will receive the registration URL from their webcast host.