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Students in Action

At The Bridge School, each day starts off with Morning Circle. The Bridge kids arrive at school and greet their teachers and friends. Each student completes individual routines; putting their lunch boxes away, putting their photos on the “who’s at school?” board, finding their name tags, and getting ready to do their morning jobs. Once the students are ready, Morning Circle begins. During Morning Circle, students share home news, take attendance, complete calendar activities, and hear about the schedule for the day. Circle time is really fun when students choose to play songs like, "The Days of the Week" or "The Good Morning Song"; they help wake everyone up! At the end of Morning Circle, the Bridge kids are ready and excited to start the day!

The preschool tells Ms. Caitlin it's time for Calendar!

Roman writes a birthday on the calendar so he will remember.

Cannon picks out the day of the week.

Roman counts how many students are at school.

Jack helps Ms. Aileen get their morning circle started.

This Morning Circle is working on writing letters!

Will loves his job! He gets to play the Day of the Week song!

The students count the number of days in the month.

Trevor’s job is to help with the Pledge of Allegiance!

Jack’s rings the bell to let everyone know it's time to start Morning Circle.

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