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Students in Action

Spring is here! The Bridge kids have been busy learning about "things that grow". The staff put them to work planting their own vegetable garden. What a surprise to learn that gardening took a lot of hard work. They raked, they shoveled, they planted and then watered the seeds. Next day, they watched the birds eating the seeds! They really love having the responsibility and ownership over their garden. Everyone is waiting with excitement to harvest their crops and make their very own salad!

Ms. Sasha and Aidan learn about planting a garden.

Everyone goes outside to get a "hands-on" lesson.

Adam loves the feel of the dirt as he covers the seeds.

Aidan is serious as he uses the rake to plant the seeds.

Cannon reaches the last row in the garden box.

Jack, Job and Raul have a blast planting carrots.

Abigail's chooses radishes to plant.

Raul and Ms. Sasha make sure the garden box doesn't fall apart.

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