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Students in Action

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays at The Bridge School and this year’s excitement was no exception. Halloween week was full of fun, reading spooky stories, singing trick-or-treat songs, and making Halloween decorations. The Bridge kids shared home news filled with excitement of their costumes and their various Halloween plans. Finally, the kids arrived in their costumes with treats and smiles. They started out their day with the annual costume parade and awards. This year was very special because we had an Alumni as one of the judges. Recent graduate Alex, aka ‘Shaggy’, helped determine the winners in each category. After the parade the Bridge kids enjoyed more holiday festivities by pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating in the east side, and watching Halloween videos. Halloween was spooktacular!

Roman shows off his bat mobile and Batman music.

The Bridge Kids Halloween parade!

Raul was a mischievous jail-bird and Ms. Mahea made a cute bumble-bee.

Elizabeth and Alex judge the costumes!

Elizabeth wears a crazy Halloween wig.

Abigail’s Dorothy costume and her baby brother’s peacock costume were adorable.

Drew is a Fangtastic vampire. Look out Ms. Mahea!

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