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Students in Action

The Bridge kids have been busy in the past two months. We had a few special visitors and a historical celebration. The Insect Discovery Lab brought all sorts of interesting bugs from around the world. Some of us were brave enough to let them crawl on us! Some of them were really big and some of them had lots of legs. We all decided we love Bugs!

Trevor lets this grasshopper go for a stroll up his arm.

Job admires the grasshopper’s legs.

Every year to kick off the Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, Ben and Denise perform traditional Native American dances. We were lucky enough to have our own show at school. They performed dances and told stories that made us laugh and smile. We had a great time.

The Bridge kids loved all the colors in Ben’s costume.

Ben chats with Will before he performed his traditional hoop dance.

Ben and Denise danced and told the Bridge kids traditional Native American stories.

Ben performed a traditional hoop dance, and the Bridge kids watched in awe.

The Ice Cream Man visited the school to give us free ice cream! We were able to pick from all the different flavors!

Miss Caitlin, Abigail, Raul and Miss Aileen tried to decide what to get from the ice cream man.

Trevor and Miss Laura ask the ice cream man which treat has more chocolate!

We all were very excited when the Giant’s won the World Series and to celebrate we had our very own ticker tape parade! We made a mess, it was a blast. Go Giants!!

Abigail helps celebrate the Giants victory by jumping during the ticker tape parade.

Joey’s walker was covered with ticker tape during the Giants parade.

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