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Activities and Ideas



  • Cardboard
  • Polyester fiberfill/batting
  • Brocade fabric
  • Cape
  • Crown
  • Plastic jewels


This was our first year including the wheelchair as part of the costume. The idea came from calling our son "King Clay" and for obvious reasons the chair was easy to convert to a throne.

Start with heavy duty cardboard cut to the desired shape for the back. You may need to cut around the neckrest hardware on the back of the chair. Glue gun polyester fiberfill to the cardboard. To give that regal look glue gun plastic jewels to the front. I covered a smaller piece of cardboard with the fabric and glued it to the back of the throne to cover unfinished edges. On Clay's chair we were able to slide the throne back between the insert and handles of the chair. To complete the throne look, shape a piece of cardboard to fit over the armrests and cover it with fiberfill and material.

This costume is one that can be used for boys and girls and you can make or purchase the king/queen costumes. To hide trunk straps you can cut slits in the back of the costume and feed them through. Always be sure that the costumes come off easily to get the child out of the chair.