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  • Cardboard (twin size mattress box)
  • Rope
  • Long hair costume wig
  • Non-toxic poster paint


No cowboy or cowgirl should be without their trusty horse. This costume was easier than it looks and the finished horse slid right over the chair attaching to the armrests with ties.

Beginning with a paper pattern draw the side of a horse to fit the dimensions of your child's chair (this way you won't waste cardboard). Be sure it won't drag on the ground. I made the head separate and attached it with lots of glue gunning and duct tape. The neck was cut long enough to be bent in to meet the head. A piece of cardboard also connected the back end of the horse. The fun part was decorating. Clay chose the colors of the paint and mane. We found a really cheap long wig and cut it to make the tail and mane which were glue gunned in place. Clay wanted to stay in this costume all day.