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Activities and Ideas

The Chef

Who is ready to eat?

Want to help me cook?


  • Large cardboard box
  • Foam core (thick white material used to make stove)
  • Shiny chrome paper (aluminum foil)
  • Velcro
  • Small piece of wood painted black for oven door handle
  • Evenflo bottle tops painted black for burner controls
  • Black spray paint
  • Old kitchen utensils


This costume cost a total of $20.00 to get the materials at an art supply store. Sydney loves macaroni & cheese so we decided she should be the cook of her own favorite lunch.

To make the stove, we used large pieces of cardboard to make a template for the stove top and sides. The wheelchair tray was a great source of strength for the top of the stove. Using the template you made with the cardboard, making sure you allowed enough room for the stove to fit over the outside of the chair, copy the template onto foam core board and then cut the sides and top of the stove out. After each piece is cut, glue them together using a glue gun. Cut out an extra piece for the front of the stove to use as an oven door.

On the front of the oven door, cut out a piece of shiny chrome like paper to represent the window. You can glue the handle onto the front of the door as well. We used velcro on the inside of the door so that you could open the oven door if you want.

On the stove top, cut out circles of black paper for burners and glue them to the top. Use the Evenflo(tm) bottle tops for the burner control knobs. Add utensils and a pan to finish out the stove top. You can get these at second hand stores or garage sales. Since Sydney is a macaroni & cheese fan, we took a box of macaroni & cheese and emptied the macaroni into the pan and then glued the box onto the surface of the stove so it looked like she was cooking her favorite meal.

Add the chef's hat and white coat and they are ready to serve up a fun Halloween.

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