The Bridge School

Full-Time Occupational Therapist

Position Description

The OT provides services within a unique service delivery approach in the classroom with a full-time special educator, speech and language therapist and assistive technologist.  In addition to providing intensive, individualized, OT-focused services, the OT actively collaborates with the special education team in assuring access to the instructional materials and environment in the academic curriculum.  This includes on-going evaluation and implementation of appropriate seating and positioning to enable the students to use movements efficiently and effectively within the classroom environment; monitoring of student’s active participation in the educational program; serving as a liaison with outside therapists, vendors, manufactures, and service representatives; preparing reports and making recommendations for equipment and therapy; and providing in-service training to all staff and parents, as appropriate.

Given the nature of the student population at The Bridge School, the OT participates in extensive ongoing collaborative efforts with the educational staff, parents, multiple consulting service providers (e.g. P.T., V.I.) and representatives of local public school districts and agencies.  The OT reports to the Director of Education.

OT will perform the services set forth in this document at the School’s facilities located at 545 Eucalyptus Avenue, Hillsborough, California 94010, and at those other locations or by those means (such as telecommuting) as agreed to by the Parties in writing.

Essential Functions

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Evaluates student’s current level of functioning as it relates to physical access to materials and assistive technology equipment leading to the development of comprehensive interdisciplinary educational plans

·         Regularly evaluates and reports on student progress, identifying strengths and needs to assist the team in making equipment and methodology modifications; reports of progress are based on appropriate documentation and data collection

·         Participates in the IEP process

·         Participates in the design of an appropriate learning environment incorporating appropriate assistive technologies and adapted, multi-sensory materials; accommodates for individual and group learning needs

·         Conducts OT needs assessments for each student, assisting in long-range multi-modal system planning;

·         Consults, when appropriate, in clinical trials for students’ access to AAC equipment

·         Develops protocols and trains others in the safe use of mobility technology

·         Trains and instructs classroom staff, parents, interns and volunteers, in proper transfer routines, placement and use of adapted materials and seating and positioning for optimal use of equipment and ensuring the safety of students and staff

·         Participates in overall educational program and team planning and development activities, including activities to address Bridge School’s long-range strategic goals and initiatives

·         Participates in the ongoing information dissemination of Bridge School materials, resources and strategies through a variety of outreach activities

·         Participates in ongoing professional development opportunities

·         Collects, analyzes and reports observational data for research purposes

Minimum Qualifications

Sufficient education, training and/or work experience to demonstrate possession of the following knowledge, skills and abilities, typically acquired through:

·         Possession of Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

·         California licensure in Occupational Therapy

Working Conditions

Work in a classroom/school environment, overseeing the safety, physical, and access needs of children with severe speech and physical impairments.

This job description does not promise or imply that the functions listed are the only duties to be performed or that the position may not change or be eliminated.

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